Welcome to Pop Up Die Cut Cards.....
    Pop Up is a three dimensional structure formed when

    a folded paper element such as a book or greeting card is opened.
    Our real specialisation is in paper engineering of pop up cards.                      
    We are best known for our innovative, 3 dimensional pop up / die cut / laser cut event invitation cards / greeting cards, pop up brochure / catalogs, pop up books, paper toys template's designing and printing service, which have been "wowing" senders and recipients alike for more than 20 years with intricate designs, premium artwork, and unexpected pop-ups.Pop-Ups’ delighted clients have used their customized pop-up cards as invitations, trade show announcements, giveaways, thank-you cards, special event announcements, new product releases, and cool additions to sales packets.


    The power of pop-ups
    Today Pop Up is used as a powerful branding marketing advertising tool.
    Brochures can be so easily ignored, thrown aside or binned, but by using a pop-up these promotional items and mailers are so unique they stay on a desk for ever.
    Imagine the impact of customized Pop-Up would have on your clients.... They will keep it out on their desk, in the break room, on the water cooler, or on their windowsill. They’ll think about your company, talk about your company,
    and buy from your company. How many marketing pieces can command and sustain that level of attention?
    Whilst we call this category pop-up brochures it also includes some books and mailers as this is really a collection of the commercial or promotional projects we have been commissioned to do.

    Pop Up Cards
    Laser cuts, die cuts and pop ups used in cards, books and invitations.

    Sparkle and surprise
    Using a combination of special papers, foiling, die cutting or laser cutting and the paper engineering of pop-ups we created these pop-up cards to ensure each special day or event went off with a pop!

    Pop Up Books
    Everyone loves a pop-up book. With many intriguing elements like tip-ups, die-cuts, dials, flaps and pull tabs, the excitement of opening a pop-up book for the first time, and that moment of astonishment is always a magical experience.