Pop Up Die Cut Cards –

paper engineering specialists

We design, create and produce all kinds of

three dimensional, die cut, laser cut pop up books, pop-up brochures, pop up greeting cards and pop up event invitations for
book publishers, greeting cards manufacturer, and specifically for advertising agencies..

Experience and know-how...
We bring the specific know-how and expertise to turn a pop-up concept into a reality. We can help you through the many stages to create a pop-up, providing guidance,
assistance and support on an ongoing basis to ensure your pop-up project is a success. We understand the commercial world and can work with you directly or alongside marketing departments, advertising agencies and design consultancies.


With a wealth of experience in the world of novelty books and with lots of pop-up innovations of our own, we have created thousands of pop-up cards with many different
paper engineering mechanism : Tip-ups, pull tabs; dials; changing pictures; pivots and rivets, etc.  We endeavour to make pop-ups integral to the story not just an add on.
We know card and paper, how it folds and what stress it is under when it is made to move in a particular way, we know where it needs to be creased, perforated, slotted or strengthened.
We know what will work and what won’t.
Paper engineering is a technical, exacting and highly skilled art form.  With more than 20 years under our belt we like to think we have some paper engineering expertise and               
technical know how to deliver the highest quality products.
We produce pop-up and die cut promotional products to help you stand out from your competition. Our products are inviting and engaging drawing focus to your business communications and B2B marketing messages.
Whether it be for an exhibition, product launch, corporate event, new store opening we are here to help you get noticed.
You create artwork to our templates. We supply high quality bespoke marketing materials. Together, we can make outstanding communications. Let’s engage!

If you are looking for a way to arrest attention by creating a 3-D Pop-Up and Die Cut advertising piece – Contact us. We’ll create something dazzling for you too!.
We can create your custom Pop-Up cards from your photographs, illustrations, or designs – or we can create custom artwork in a variety of styles for your Pop-Up Die Cut product.

Remember – Whatever kind of pop-up you want on any theme, we make it happen!
By all means contact us if you have a paper engineering project that we could create and deliver for you.